Dear Gang,
As you may have heard, Bellows, eskimeaux and Small Wonder had some of their gear stolen in Baltimore. This is only sad in that “things” were stolen; everyone is still healthy and safe and that’s what really matters.
That being said, the tour must continue — the show must go on!
If anyone has enjoyed our music, please consider sending our bandcamps to your friends to check out! If they like it, ask them to consider purchasing it so we can keep them on the road!If you’re new to The Epoch and have listened to the albums on bandcamp but not downloaded them, consider doing so now so that you can enjoy them whenever you want, wherever you want!Bonus also: If you get a chance to see Bellows and eskimeaux on tour this week, check out their merch table because not only are there physical CDs of Blue Breath (handmade; #rare) and As If To Say I Hate Daylight, but also Florist/eskimeaux split cassettes (Limited Run, Very #Rare), Wendy cassettes, tour patches, and an exclusive eskimeaux “Best Of” CD in anticipation of her upcoming album!
For those who have followed us, retweeted/reblogged us, have purchased albums from us during this affair, we thank you. For those of you who only have the ability to send good vibes, or shake our hands, or just give us a smile, we thank you just as much. We hope you keep listening to and enjoying our work even if contributing is outside of your ability. We have great things coming in the future and this is just a minor setback in our lives!
Our bandcamps are
smallwonder.bandcamp.comThe remaining Bellows/eskimeaux tour dates are as follows:

9/2 - Pittsburgh, PA - The New House w/ Brightside, Fun Home, Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes - Rochester, NY - Chris Coons’ House (msg for address) - Albany, NY - The Low Beat w/ Free Cake for Every Creature, Hand Habits - Bard College, NY w/ Jawbreaker Reunion, Tiny Moving Parts - Troy, NY - Ground Zero (at RPI) w/ Pinegrove - New Brunswick, NJ - Circuit City w/ Long Beard, Fraternal Twin

The Epoch is Now, always.
Thanks and love,-T.E.

What should we do to get more Tumblr followers?

Can you please make a shirt with the Get Olde cover on it????
- Anonymous

You want that!? Yeah, probably.

when are you guys releasing get olde by crying (if u still are)
- Anonymous


We are. It’ll be announced soon.

Words from our sponsor.

The new Limp Bizkit song is total Bungle worship and has a section that sounds like you guys with Durst muttering incoherently over it.
- Anonymous


So i’m listening to this right now and i do not hear the bungle. Ok the scream part where instrumentation drops out. wow. I kinda hate the riff. I imagine this is the chorus. Where is the hook. I feel like Ryan from Crying is going to love this. 


Already posted about the main riff being the most innovative thing that has happened to pop music in a few years.

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