When you're creating songs, do you write music or lyrics first?
- Anonymous

Almost all of the songs have started with guitar/Game Boy, then drums, and then the vocals, but sometimes the vocals and drums are developed at the same time, but separately.

another orlando gig?! you're too kind. y'all playing last again? cause i got a little thing goin' on that night that i have to show my face at. dont wanna miss your set
- Anonymous

We’re either playing second or third that night out of five. Do what your heart tells you.

are lyrics available for Batang Killjoy?
- Anonymous

couldn’t carry enough fingers to count
every moment where i parted
opportunities for fear of loss so
i lose without even starting

getting in the game
i am trying to forget my name

where did aica go?
building another excuse in her body again
find comfort in saying no
the choice is my own
it was always my own

karaoke’s ready, bring her down
basketball will bruise her breasts / could
she kiss her cousin for a picture, if i
were in her place you know that i would

do it in a heartbeat
try to force feed me now
y’girl is in the pew
i feel insane sitting next to you

where did aica go?
building another excuse in her body again
find comfort in saying no
the choice is my own
it was always my own

you call me on the phone
at a moment when i feel alone
i don’t want to go home
where do i go

i love the idea of vinyl double-ep re-release, fuck tha hatas
- Anonymous

Yeah! It’s too bad we can’t take complete credit for the idea. Greg Horbal suggested it to us and we thought it was…GOOD!

what do i have to do to convince you to play Vacation at the Mesa show
- Anonymous

Oh, we started playing it again when people asked us in Florida.


We’re releasing a Double EP on 11/18 called Get Olde Second Wind. The first side is Get Olde, which came out in 2013 but never got a proper vinyl/CD release. The second side is a new EP called Second Wind that we recorded earlier this year. We finally get to release Get Olde AND we finally get to show you some new music!

Is there going to be any way that we'll get an idea of what exactly the records look like (i.e. pictures of each colored pressing)? I plan on pre-ordering a copy, but it'd be cool to get a better idea of what each one looks like. Side note: Beyond excited to give it a listen and see you guys when you're in Atlanta!
- chiloconcarne

We’ll probably show everyone on the internet. Atlanta rules.

I was excited for this LP before I realized it's just the old EP slapped on with another EP. Just seems lazy. Sorry.
- Anonymous

Look at it from a different angle! We were releasing a new EP anyway, so instead of leaving Get Olde out to dry (people have been asking for a Get Olde vinyl for a while), we combined them instead of printing them separately.

Okay, I have to ask--is your bio a Charmed reference? If you have no idea what I'm talking about then ignore that, and I'll see you guys in a few weeks!
- lyricrazed

It half is and half isn’t, but we KNOW.

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